Writing A Thesis In A Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing A Thesis In A Compare And Contrast Essay-72
Where do you even begin with a coherent essay about two topics? Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a great compare and contrast essay.Remember that your two subjects must be different, but still in the same ballpark, to create a meaningful compare-and-contrast essay.A good compare-and-contrast essay goes beyond a simple listing of similarities and differences to make a meaningful statement about a larger topic.

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Make use of spell check and grammar check tools in your word processing program.

If possible, get a friend to cast a fresh pair of eyes on it to find mistakes you might have missed.

We often have difficulty reading our own work objectively and can miss silly mistakes.

Follow these steps, and you will be well on your way to writing a compare-and-contrast essay that cannot fail to impress your reading audience.

(Men usually have superior physical strength and technical skills).

You can also go point by point throughout the essay.Let’s say you are comparing and contrasting women and men.You could write two paragraphs about qualities that are common to women (they tend to be more compassionate, they are good multitaskers) along with some that they share with men (they are capable of sacrificing self for the good of others.) Then you would focus on men in the next section.Traits that differ are noted separately, within those that they share are written in the overlapping space.This is a helpful visual aid, because it organizes similarities and differences clearly.Remember to keep characteristics of the different subjects somewhat parallel.This will make it easier to structure a good argument.If you are a visual person, a Venn diagram can facilitate this process.Simply create two overlapping circles, one for each of the topics that you are comparing.When comparing, use words like “both,” “likewise” and “similarly.” Words such as “nonetheless,” “on the other hand,” and “whereas” are ideal for forming a contrast.Once you have finished, read your essay several times to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


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