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In other words, indicate what has been learned or accomplished.The conclusion is also a good place to mention questions that are left open or further issues which you recognise, but which do not come within the scope of your essay.One common downfall is to not reference adequately and be accused of plagiarism.

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Paragraphs show when you have come to the end of one main point and the beginning of the next.

A paragraph is a group of sentences related to aspects of the same point.

Quotations should not be used as a substitute for your own words.

A quote should always have an explanation in your own words to show its significance to your argument.

You will be encouraged and expected to cite other authors or to quote or paraphrase from books that you have read.

The most important requirement is that the material you cite or use should illustrate, or provide evidence of, the point you are making.You can do this by using simple statements or questions that serve to introduce, summarise or link the different aspects of your subject.Here are a few examples: One important way of guiding the reader through your essay is by using paragraphs.Use these as your research base but try to expand on what is said and read around the subject as fully as you can.Always keep a note of your sources as you go along.Generally, it is important to back up the points you wish to make from your experience with the findings of other published researchers and writers.You will have likely been given a reading list or some core text books to read.Keep the introduction short, preferably to one or two paragraphs and keep it, succinct, to the point.Some students find it best to write a provisional introduction, when starting to write an essay, and then to rewrite this when they have finished the first draft of their essay.To write a provisional introduction, ask yourself what the reader needs to know in order to follow your subsequent discussion.Other students write the introduction after they have written the main body of the essay – do whatever feels right for you and the piece of work you are writing.


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