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Including erroneous in your essays will take your writing to the next level!

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It rolls off the tongue and makes you sound like a literary genius!

A sample sentence could be “The author asserts that other solutions to the problem are simply egregious.” Definition: (adjective) wrong; incorrect Replaces: wrong Erroneous is an easy word to remember because the word means what it sounds like - something containing error.

If you want to make your teacher perk up, be sure to include this word in your essay!

An example sentence could be “The author suggests a myriad of solutions for the problem.” Definition: (verb) state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully Replaces: says Another stellar word to add to your mental dictionary is “asserts”.

There were also dramatic climbs, of approximately 30 percentage points, for those with a high school diploma or an unfinished college education (reaching 65% and 85%, respectively, in 2010).

Hopefully you’ll start to incorporate some of these key words and phrases in your IELTS Task 1 Writing.Here’s a sample sentence so you know exactly what you’re doing: “The author is not at all erroneous when she asserts that solving the problem will engender a better quality of life.” Definition: (verb) to make use of Replaces: uses For the longest time, I couldn’t think of another word to replace “use”.Eventually I came across “utilize”, but I used it so frequently that it became as egregious as “use”! There are a myriad of ways to use “employs” in your essay, but no matter how you say it, this word will engender more success in your essay!An instance where asserts would fit perfectly is “The author asserts that the issue is lacking simple solutions”.Definition: (adjective) outstandingly bad; shocking Replaces: bad Why use an adjective like “bad” when you could easily switch it out for a scholarly word like “egregious”!Teachers grow tired of reading commonplace words like “good” “says” and “thinks” in essay after essay!So next time you walk into English class, keep in mind these great words to use in your essays!After years of writing assignments all throughout school, you start to become repetitive when choosing what words to use in your essays.But there is a whole language out there full of words that are sure to impress your English teacher!This tutorial contains useful phrases for IELTS Writing task two.Use these phrases for introductions, body paragraphs, and supporting sentences. This is perfectly legitimate, however, you absolutely must Contents Useful Phrase 1 – best for introductions Useful Phrase 2 – best for body paragraphs (opinions)Useful Phrase 3 – best for body paragraphs (examples)Useful Phrase 4 – best for body paragraphs Useful Phrase 5 – best for supporting sentences Useful Phrase 6 – best for supporting sentences Useful Phrase 7 – best for strengthening an argument by being specific Useful Phrase 8 – As such it can be concluded that…Warning!


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