Write An Essay On How Political Parties Are Formed

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There is also call and response between main vocal and female chorus in . After 12 bars of short piano solo, drum joins and plays swing rhythm.There are also frequent uses of syncopation in the rhythm.

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The same idea is repeated several times with different lyrics.

After the part, there is call and response between the main vocal and chorus again.

The early baroque composers rejected the polyphony texture of the late Renaissance music and favored homophobic texture.

They also focused on harmony rather than the complexity of melodic lines.

For example, from bar 9 after the perfect cadence, Imitation begins as descending 4th. Melodic phrases are repeated one tone higher pitches. Similarly, the chords of bass line go through cycle of fifth.

Another main characteristic of this piece is polyphonic texture, as more than 3 independent melodic lines are sounded together consistently. Therefore, both melody line (flute and violin) and base line (cymbals) are in circle of fifth.2 Examples are swing, bebop, boost nova, free jazz and soul Jazz.Famous Jazz musicians: – Luis Armstrong – Chuck Imagine – Charles Minus ; John Chlorate – Mary Lou Williams – Miles Davis – Nat King Cole The main characteristic of this piece is unity of melody.Base chords are mostly based on chords l, IV and V.At bar 9, a melody changes a little but the mood doesn’t change.Although the melody is often repeated in an altered form using variation technique, its idea remains in a piece.Also, baroque melodies often sound elaborate and ornamental in baroque pieces. If a piece begins with Joyful mood, it will remain throughout the piece.Call and response is frequently used in this piece.We can see the example of call and response between voice and other instruments at .The rhythmic patterns of the beginning of this piece are repeated throughout.There are frequent uses of imitation in the melody. In the melody line, the first figure starts with F, the next one starts with B and the next one starts with E and so on.


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