World History Research Paper Outline

World History Research Paper Outline-21
If at all possible, your topic should be something that interests you.To be forced to drone on for hours over a topic that you care nothing about is a special kind of torture!

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It should include your thesis statement as well (if you have one).

(If so, you will want to put some time into developing an accurate thesis statement.) You can also include the approach you will take toward the discussion.

The introduction should inform the reader on what they are about to read, by alerting them to the major points of the paper.

Also, be sure to state if this a factual research paper, book review, argument, or some other sort of analysis.

The three parts of any research paper are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Of course, your instructor may want additional sections, so you would alter this as needed.I continue this process with each good source that I find until I have a strong body of information to work with.Now that I have my topic and a whole boatload of information, it is time to write my research paper outline.The conclusion of the paper is the summary of your arguments made within the body of the paper.The conclusion gives you a chance to briefly reiterate your most valuable points, and show how they logically led you to your conclusion.For instance, if you absolutely love law and now you must write a paper on it, proceed with caution.It is impossible to write a good research paper on just “law.” You must narrow that way down. For instance, you may decide that you want to write about “Criminal Law.” Well, that is too broad also. So you narrow it down more to “Sentencing: How Does it Work in the Real World.” OK – that is better.But know that your basic research paper includes these three sections.The introduction includes the topic of the research and purpose of your study.Before you can even begin to create a research paper outline, you need to know what topic you will be discussing.Of course, your instructor or supervisor may just hand you a topic. However, most of the time, you are able to choose your own topic (within certain parameters).


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