Wild Animal Essay In English

Wild Animal Essay In English-4
At one go a tiger can jump a maximum distance of 10 meters.It sleeps during the day and generally hunts during the night.Fefore this there were only five national parks in India .

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Tiger has an excellent nocturnal vision, that is, it has eyes which can see clearly during the night.

The ears of a tiger have a highly sensitive tympanic membrane, which aids in better hunting.

It’s highly sensitive olfactory receptors (good sense of smell) aids it in locating and attacking its prey easily.

It has a habit of attacking its prey slowly and suddenly, instead of running behind them for a long distance.

Tiger posses a powerful and a strong body built, which helps it in easy hunting of its prey.

Under the cats category, tiger is a part of Felidae family.Similarly Deer for their skin Rhinos for their horns Ostrich for their feathers and Lion for their skin.In order to protect the depleting wild animals the governments of many countries have enacted laws to prevent illegal hunting.There are four long and sharp canine teeth in a tiger’s buccal cavity.Two canines are present in the upper jaw and other two are present in the lower jaw.In this connection many wild life sanctuaries and national parks have been set up in many countries.These parks have protected by forest areas to protect these ara National reserve in Kenya, Ruaha National park in Tanzania, Zambezi national park in Zimbabwe, St.These sharp teeth help in the strangulation of the prey and keep the tiger healthy by quenching its hunger.The long tail of the tiger helps it in maintaining balance while running.In the primitive time the Trinil subspecies of Tiger got extinct.Tigers have a 25 years of life expectancy both in the zoo and in wildlife.


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