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Because the general public sees these teams as cash cows, the debate as to if college athletes should be paid is brought up during every championship season, whether it is the football national championship or March Madness, which occurs each year to determine the champion of college basketball.There are a number of reasons why people believe college athletes should be paid.

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The glow from this screen can be seen up to 30 miles away, and it came to the university at a cost of $13.9 million.

Now, people who believe college athletes should be paid see this cost and immediately say, if Auburn can spend this much on a screen, they certainly can spend money on paying their athletes. However, what these people do not realize is that the Auburn athletic department posted a $17 million deficit in 2014 and this screen was the equivalent of a ‘Hail Mary’ pass to try to bring more money into the program. You can also look at numbers across the board for some of the top schools in the nation and see that these purchases are not the best investments.

The average in-state tuition at the university is just over $10,000 a year, yet the average athletic scholarship is $17,856 for male athletes.

In other words, these athletes are having their full tuition paid for, in addition to other perks.

Even if a student is not actually receiving money towards tuition, they often get expert, NFL level coaching and freebies such as housing, meals, clothing, medical care, and professional development.

Oh, and these perks go to those who are getting full rides, too.The payment would vary depending on the local market and the deal that each athlete has with the school.However, the questions arise of how the value of a player will be determined and what happens if an athlete is “hired” at a small rate of pay, and then vastly improves over the season.In other words, they are talking about the elite athletes from schools such as Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State, Duke, UConn and Kentucky.These athletes almost always get their full tuition paid for, or at least significantly discounted.Just as there are so many reasons a college athlete should be paid for their skills, there are just as many reasons to not pay these athletes.Here are the top 10 reasons college athletes should not be paid: Though it is true that there is a lot of money coming into some college athletic program, there is just as much money going out, and in most cases, these programs are working at a loss. In 2015, the school debuted their newest addition, an almost 11,000 square feet, high-definition screen in the stadium.Speaking of jobs, since college athletes are spending so much time on the field or court and in the classroom, they don’t have the time to actually work, so many of them have a difficult time making ends meet.This information certainly supports the fact that college athletes should be paid, but there is a lot more to the debate than this.Most college athletes truly love their chosen sport, and don’t want it to ever turn into a job or chore.When it does, the love that they have for the fame is lost.


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