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It is with great sadness and also fierce determination and deep gratitude, that we continue to share his ideas and research with the world, and to innovate towards fair, free and fluid financial systems that serve people — just as resilient, natural ecologies serve the planet.Bernard is survived by his loving wife and partner, Helga Preusse. ❤Gifting my early copy of “Climate: A New Story” by one of our favorite authors, Charles Eisenstein, to Bernard at his home in Brussels.While Bernard was already battling his illness, our friend, colleague and advisor John Clippinger, who co-authored with Bernard “From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond” (a work conceived at a similar gathering he hosted, at the same historic location), warmly accepted the award on his behalf.

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Last summer, and as a result of our ongoing work with Bernard, we hosted an event at the historic Bretton Woods hotel, site of the infamous monetary conference in 1944 where much of the international financial infrastructure as we know it was established.

Our aim was to catalyze a conversation around how we might transition to a more equitable global system, perhaps benefiting from technologies newly available since WWII, such as computing, the World Wide Web, and blockchain among others, as well as new insights and social perspectives on inclusivity, gender balance, competition, growth and environmental protection and regeneration.

At this special gathering, we presented an award in the name of the late economist Elinor Ostrom, for courage and leadership in monetary innovation.

The recipients were Hilda Heine, the first female President of the Marshall Islands who recently announced plans to create a sovereign cryptocurrency for the nation, and our beloved Bernard Lietaer, President of the Bprotocol Foundation.

One of our favorite topics to discuss was the feminine polarity, largely missing from both financial and political governance for centuries.

In a lesser known work, “Au Coeur de la Monnaie” (The Heart of Money, 2013), Bernard tracks the ascent of patriarchal society and the rise of centrally governed currencies with the elimination of the Mother Goddess from Jungian Archetypes throughout history.I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend and mentor Bernard Lietaer, who died Monday morning at his home in Hoherhagen, Germany with loved ones.I had the great honor of getting to know Bernard in recent years as he served as President of the Bprotocol Foundation and its Chief Monetary Officer.“The Gatekeeper” is a 17-minute military thriller starring Christopher Loverro and Jennifer Marshall.“Awakening in a war-zone on the precipice of life and death, an Army First Sergeant confronts the causatum of his own orders to see his family again” reads its logline — after over a year of detailed, in-house production and post-production at USC, Martinez is excited to share it with the community.Less than 30 seconds into describing his thesis film “The Gatekeeper,” director and USC graduate student earning an MFA in Film and Production Jordan Martinez was already comparing it to Vincent Ward’s “What Dreams May Come” and Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” — a rather jarring hybridization.However, the more details Martinez shared, the more the two projects’ crossbreeding made sense.“[The Gatekeeper] is a timely type of film, and it’s an authentic film,” Martinez told the Daily Trojan.Due to the film’s harsh subject matter, Martinez and his team were careful making sure that everything both in front of and behind the camera was handled with as much nuance, authenticity and understanding of military life as possible.The day before, I presented many of Bernard’s ideas on SDGs at The United Nations, during its first-ever session on blockchain in Geneva.(Photo credit: Helga Preusse)Sincere thanks to Helga Preusse for her support of Bernard and of our friendship and work with him through the years, and to my co-founders for co-creating a project impactful enough to warrant the time, attention and guidance of such a great thinker — We stand together on the shoulders of gentle giants like Bernard.


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