What Thesis About The Real Nature Of Imperialism

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Since then, the concept of globalization gradually blends into other scientific areas and it rapidly becomes a popular topic in academia.

Compared to the disputes on economic and political level, the conflicts of culture are more subtle and more profound.

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To begin with, distances are no longer barriers to transnational communication because of the emergence of the telegraph.

According to Thompson (1995), it was cable networks which connect Europe with China, Australia and South America, making mega mass audiences get information around the world.

Tomlison (1997) points out that due to the imbalance of economic strength, accordingly, in cultural domain it is divided into dominant and vulnerable, that is the reason why cultural imperialism has been proposed.

Therefore, maintaining the independence of their own culture in the exchanges of globalization has become the reason people questioned the cultural globalization. 340) confirms that ‘Modern media are carriers of globalization’, global cultures are spreading through the media, such as the Internet and satellite television, it is the media which can turn the planet into a global village and make people feel closer than ever before.


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