What Are Some Critical Thinking Skills

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If someone sounds too convincing, teach your child to follow their gut, to look for weaknesses in their statements.

◊♦◊ Strategies to help your children enhance their critical thinking skills: 1.

This skill is imperative so that you can help them practice and figure out ways that can help them improve this critical foundation skill. Ask Questions Allowing your child to ask and answer questions about what they have read is a great way to help prepare them to think actively as they read.

It also helps focus their attention on what they are learning about a specific story.

By answering questions, children can show they have mastered the ability to understand what they read and interpreted.

It gives parents the ability to identify particular areas of their reading comprehension that they have trouble understanding.Social media is a great place to see how few people employ critical thinking skills.How many times have you seen memes state that you could win money for sharing, or that make statements as fact, when it is actually opinion or poorly-researched information? Teaching our children to question facts and research questionable statements presented as facts, is imperative today.This is coupled with the reality that there are a lot of kids in the classroom and only one teacher with a daily laundry list of must-do assignments.Teachers do not have the time to allow kids to question and challenge each fact.Enhance Their Reading Comprehension Skills Helping our children develop their reading comprehension skills is a critical first step to develop skills needed to become capable and enthusiastic readers.Kids need to develop and improve their ability to distinguish between what they understand and what they do not about a statement, paragraph or book.As parents, we need to teach our kids how to examine facts.Listen and look for pieces that just don’t make sense.Even at home I sometimes struggle with my kids continually challenging and asking questions.However, critical thinking is an increasingly necessary skill. As much as it may be inconvenient when our children are continually challenging our authority and asking questions, we need to work through their questions and allow them to exercise their critical thinking skills.


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