Waterproof Writing Paper

World famous designer Christian La Croix's dazzling Papier Collection will convince you that sometimes more is more, with their bold and distinctive cover art.

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Notepads made from the material have been showing up on school supply store's shelves through companies like Oxford and Fiber Stone.

The newest on the scene is from the Italian company Ogami, with two collections of Euro-designed notebooks that use stone paper manufactured by a company called Repap.

In many ways stone papers like Repap seem to reinvigorate paper with aspects you always wished paper had.

It’s durable, oil and tear resistant, and waterproof, and since you can fold it like paper your airplane-making days may not be as numbered as you thought before.

It's found in packaging like milk cartons and shampoo bottles, as well as fuel tanks, hard hats, and hula hoops.

It also makes up a large part of the growing oceanic plastic gyres.Lovenotebooks offers large selections of the world's most respected brands of notebooks and day planners: From France we offer the world's best notepad: Rhodia, known for its silky smooth paper from French Paper mills.Paperblanks Journals provide a window into world culture and the arts with their exquisite covers and application of century old book-binding techniques.is the only online store in the USA and Canada to carry the entire Paperblanks collection of Journals Planners Guestbooks and Accordian Organizers.is the place for that hard to find Paperblanks journal or planner.Save by browsing our great sale sectionand make sure to check out our great assortment of desk accessories and Pens by award winning Troika Germany and Ten Design studios.If you haven’t heard of stone paper before, don't worry — we barely had either.But the flexible, mineral-based medium is a thing, and its unique characteristics are pushing it to fast popularity.Its environmentally friendly claims, however, may need a bit of scrutiny.These notebooks have the quality and aesthetic associated with finely made journals from companies like Moleskine, Ciak, and Cartesio.Alaina Darr, the inventory manager at Jenni Bick Bookbinding, says event though the store has only carried Ogami notebooks for less than a year, they’ve become increasingly popular with new customers.“Rather than the same customers coming back for more, the sales are mostly from new customers,” Darr says.


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