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Corporations and especially ones like Wal-Mart need to maintain a level of growth in order to stay profitable as well as functional, but can they keep matching the extraordinary levels they achieved in the past, and can the people in todays' economy tolerate this growth?There are several elements, both external as well as internal, that would affect the answer of those questions.The PESTLE Analysis is a strategic planning tool used by corporations to analyze the various external forces that would affect corporations operations when entering new markets.

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Wal-Mart is an American company, it has been a dominant force in the United States Retail market and more specifically, it operates and sells itself as a discount chain.

Sam Walton the founder of this corporation had a vision, or it would be more accurate to say he had a different approach towards achieving his goals.

The issue faced by companies that want to expand internationally is that they expose themselves to external forces that they are not accustomed to, forces that might limit the companies' choices as well as their growth.

In order to avoid that negative aspect, Wal-Mart needs to investigate those factors by using the PESTLE analysis (also known as PESTEL).

* The company makes good use of technology, especially in inventory management.

* The company has a huge lead ahead of its competition. * They face criticism for reliance on temporary and part-time workers as well as accusation in regards to violations of the child labor laws.It is difficult for Wal-Mart to maintain the level of growth they had, but as the SWOT Analysis showed, the company has what it takes to do it.The companys' strengths assists them in fully utilizing the opportunities that are available, while at the same time, the company has to be cautious in addressing all of its problems, weaknesses, and threats in order to maintain its astonishing growth.Wal-Marts sales were more than twice that of the combined sales of its two closest rivals (Home Depot 65 Billion & Target 50 Billion).Wal-Mart has used its rapid expansion and efficiency as a edge over the other retailers, but can this growth spurt that has lasted over half a century continue much further?It is essential that all companies have a form of strategy that would enable them to regulate, control, and plan their growth.That strategy would dramatically differ from one type of business to another in the sense that the requirements and elements needed to be considered for each type of business can vary.* Wal-Mart has the opportunity to use different strategies for different markets, such as creating normal stores, super centers, and neighborhood markets.* Wal-Mart is under the threat of heavy competition in both local and international markets, due to the fact that they are the number one company.* Being the largest company in the world with 260 Billion in sales.* The company has a good reputation in the United States.


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