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There's more bad news if you like to use your unlimited plan to watch videos: Video-streaming quality for the new Go Unlimited plan will be limited to "DVD" quality, or 480p.(The current unlimited plan allows you to stream in "HD" quality, or 720p.) If you don't care so much about video resolution, Verizon's new limits won't matter much, and you'll win by paying less with the Go Unlimited plan.With fewer new customers to sign up, fighting has intensified for switchers—those people willing to change carriers for a better deal.

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Take Verizon’s four new plans, which replace the carrier's three previous offerings, beginning on Aug. The plans are slightly cheaper than their predecessors, and they come with a deeper discount for accounts with five lines.In 2016, when the wireless industry started offering unlimited data plans at more reasonable prices, one of the big selling points was simplicity.Customers wouldn’t have to guess how much data they needed every month.The old set up only provided discounts up to four lines.The cheapest new plan, called "Start Unlimited," costs for one line to 0 for four lines.The old plan included slow-speed data to a linked laptop or other device, while the new base plan has no hotspot feature, however.In the middle, Verizon now offers two similar but not quite the same plans, both of which cost for one line up to 0 for four lines.It gets 75 GB of fast data per month, 30 GB of fast hotspot data, plus HD-quality video streaming.It also gets the Apple Music account, the 50% discount on service for a connected device, and 500 GB of cloud storage.The "Play More," as the name suggests, focuses more on entertainment with better video quality and the long-term Apple Music account included.Both plans are also to cheaper than the old middle choice, "Beyond Unlimited." Finally, for customers with the biggest budgets, the new "Get More Unlimited" plan starts at and rises to 0 for four lines.


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