Two Places I Have Lived Essay

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Halle & Beveridge (2013) note that in New York, the winter is glistening and frosty.

As such, the atmosphere is classic in the Yuletide season thus making it possible to engage in such activities as snow man assembling and ice skating.

It obviously follows that NY has a higher population density than LA.

Compared to LA’s 8,475, NY has a population density of 28,259.

In contrast, Los Angeles has winters that are extremely mild and summers that are leisurely and warm.

In New York, the warmest temperatures are usually experienced in the southeastern lowlands.While the median cost of a home in New York is 1,400, Los Angeles has a median home cost of 3,600.This implies that it is a bit cheaper to acquire a home in NY as compared to LA.The median age of a home in New York is 17.2% older than the median age of a home in Los Angeles.“Homes are 5.3% less likely to be rented in Los Angeles than in New York” (, 2017).This is because unlike in LA where personal cars are the order of the day, one would not need regular fueling and parking fee in NY (Fung Bros, 2016).In conclusion, New York City and Los Angeles have many differences in spite of having some similarities as large cities within the US.In both the cities, the female population is higher than the male population.While NY has a female population of 52.40% and male population of 47.60%, LA has a female population of 50.39% and male population of 49.61% ( the cities have some similarities and may be attractive to various people depending on their lifestyles and preferences, New York City and Los Angeles are vastly different, especially in their climate, housing, population, and transportation.New York City’s (NY) Climate significantly differs with that of Los Angeles (LA).


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