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Community services can be a step towards building a better and healthy society.In conclusion, I strongly admire unpaid community service to be part of higher education.

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No one would dispute the fact that it is very important that children nurture their spirit and learn how they can be fruitful for the society.

Nowadays, human values are becoming pale and education experts are responsible for bringing back the values by putting up social activities, in particular unpaid community services, in curriculum.

To summarize, the sense of responsibility to community and the contagious nature of selfless acts coupled with the benefits that these can provide to the society as a whole are reasons enough for it to be implemented.

I am fully in support of this step as it is a step towards making the world a better place to live in.

Acts of charity are contagious and always trigger a chain reaction.

This is evident from the fact that we ourselves feel inspired to become better human beings when we hear stories of selflessness and sacrifice.

Community services also teach to manage their time and improve their organisational skills.

As we know, after-school activities are no more popular.

Students go to home and sit in front of the screen to watch TV or to play games or to surf internet.

These daily scenario can affect their growth mentally and physically. Community activities can encourage them to be more creative.


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