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This is then referred to as telling a 'little white lie.' Consider the case where telling a lie would mean that 10 other lies would not be told.If 10 lies are worse than 1 lie then it would seem to be a good thing to tell the first lie, but if lying is always wrong then it's wrong to tell the first lie.Raymond Peach states, "Lying is the best defensive weapon of the weak and the quickest way to avoid danger." Lying, in most cases is a reaction to weakness and failure.

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Among the characteristics of liars is that they only believe after annoying insistence.

Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said: "Surely those who are most frequent in believing people are most frequent in telling the truth and those who mostly doubt people are the most frequent liars." Dr.

However, the line between 'little white lies' and other types of lies is constantly being blurred. Reason being is that it easier and sometimes quicker to simply lie rather than to engage in a more productive discourse as the saying goes ...

"Constructive lying is better than the painful truth." Dr.

Liars suffer from a mental disorder which keeps them from speaking the truth.

Those who resort to lying subconsciously feel weak and humiliated for lying is the front of the weak and the cowards.Even his enemies confirmed that he was truthful as described by Abu Sufyan a leader of the tribe of Quraish and the arch enemy of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) in the court of Hercules, the Byzantine emperor of Eastern Roman Empire.Imam Ali Ibn al-Hussain (pbuh) said: "Refrain from lying in all things, big or small, in seriousness or in jest.Lying is a subject that we should all take some time to think and reflect on. Like any disease, it has its own signs and symptoms.The act of lying produces inner conflicts between various control centers of the brain.Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (pbuh) is quoted as saying: "If entities were materialized, surely truthfulness would stand with courage and cowardice would stand with lying."Truthfulness is a command of Allah (SWT), part of faith, and a quality of must for all prophets and is mentioned in 100 places in the Noble Qur'an.Therefore, there are two positive traits that Allah (SWT) wants the Muslim to acquire and be committed to in building his Islamic personality.Acquiring the characteristic of lying is akin to shedding one's humanity, because speaking is an exclusively human trait. However, there are a few instances where even Islam not only allows but recommends lying for the sake of brotherhood, which we will discuss later. A lie can therefore be something oral or written, which could be totally or partially baseless, unreal, made-up, distorted or exaggerated. Similarly giving praise out of proportion to someone is a form of lie.Noble Qur'an says, "Truly Allah guides not one who transgresses and lies! Lying is something that almost everyone does both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. A good example would be when an annoying neighbour calls on the phone and you tell your child to say that you are in the shower or otherwise indisposed so you don't get stuck on the phone for an hour. Lying is giving some information while believing it to be untrue, intending to deceive by doing so.Love in Islam (Al-Hubb) Prophet Muhammad sa Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib Sayyida Fatima Zahra Imam Hasan stories Imam Husayn stories Imam Zain al Abidin as Imam al-Baqir stories Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) Imam Musa Kadhim (as) Imam Ali Reza stories Imam al-Taqi stories Imam Hadi, 10th Imam Imam Hassan al-Askari Imam Mahdi (as) Hazrat Zainab (sa) Ahlul Bayt, Ahl al-Bayt First Masoom Second Masoom Third Masoom Fourth Masoom Fifth Masoom Sixth Masoom Seventh Masoom Eighth Masoom Ninth Masoom Tenth Masoom Eleventh Masoom Twelveth Masoom Thirteenth Masoom Fourteenth Masoom Noble Qur'an says: "O you who believe!Be careful of (your duty to) Allah and be with the true ones." (9) Lying is one of the most common wrong acts that we commit throughout our daily life.


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