Tripartite Thesis Statement

Tripartite Thesis Statement-1
The purpose of an essay should be for you to articulate your thoughts in such a way that you learn something you otherwise couldn’t.In other words, the essay requires you to direct your thoughts in a logical and progressive fashion whose result is the discovery of meanings, relations, and processes that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

This saves frustration, time, and will result in much better marks.

Judging from the many papers I’ve seen students write, it’s clear that not a few students are under the impression that an essay is supposed to be either a response or a summary of something. This is a pity, because the response and summary approaches are the weakest options that one could select, given that they are pre-critical approaches.

There are many fine books on writing that can teach you these forms, and I suggest you explore to find one that suits you.

By studying such a “how to” book, you shouldn’t have to invent the wheel every time an assignment is due.

Notice that the title and author are included, by not any character’s name. BODYThe body of your essay will consist of two analytical paragraphs. Always begin the first paragraph with the first point/character mentioned in the thesis.

The thesis continues to narrow this topic by introducing specific characters. In this case, you should begin your paragraph with a discussion on BRUTUS because he is a) listed before Antony in the thesis, and b) the hero/protagonist.

It narrows the idea of the universal statement into a specific novel. Your ENTIRE essay will be judged against this sentence and how well you prove the point.

Thus, you should include the name of the novel and the name of the author in this sentence. Example: (Universal/General Statement) Friendship is a wonderful part of life, but it can unfortunately be used as a tool of deception.

Analysis of Introduction The universal topic is friendship.

The idea of friendship is developed in the second sentence by using the words “flattery” and “manipulating others”. A combination of these answers may help you develop a proper universal statement for your essay.


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