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Another point worth noting is that both Martha and Mrs. They talk as if Minnie died when she was married and Mrs. The free-spirit died and was replaced by an isolated wife.

Peters express guilt over not having visited Minnie more often— which opens up the possibility that Martha's reading of the evidence is skewed by her own feelings that she should have helped Minnie. When the women talk about her, they use the name Minnie only when talking about her past. The use of her names varies to demonstrate this metaphorical death.

Trifles is seen as an example of early feminist drama. The men, meanwhile, are blinded by their cold, emotionless investigation of material facts.

The female characters find the body of a canary, with its neck wrung, killed in the same way as John Wright, thus leading them to the conclusion that Minnie was the murderer.

It was first performed by the Provincetown Players at the Wharf Theatre in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on August 8, 1916. Peters find clues in the kitchen and hallway to this unsolved mystery. The wives piece together that Minnie was being abused by her husband, and they understand how it feels to be oppressed by men.

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In the original performance, Glaspell played the role of Mrs. The play is frequently anthologized in American literature textbooks. The men find no clues upstairs in the Wright house that would prove Mrs. Because they feel bad for Minnie, they hide the evidence against her and she is spared the punishment for killing her husband.

One of the differences in psychology shown in the play is that women need a sense of community and do not fare well with loneliness, while men seem to be able to cope with loneliness.

There is also a theme of justice within the play, as the wives of the men recognize that Minnie was abused by her husband, and hide the evidence against her so that she will not be found guilty.

In 1916 the group presented a summertime series of plays that included Eugene O'Neill's is a murder mystery that explores gender relationships, power between the sexes, and the nature of truth. While the men bluster and tramp around the farmhouse searching for clues, the women discover bits of evidence in the "trifles" of a farmer's wife her baking, cleaning and sewing.

In the play, the farmer and his wife never actually appear; instead, the story focuses on the prosecutor, George Henderson, who has been called in to investigate the murder; Henry Peters, the local sheriff; Lewis Hale, a neighboring farmer who discovered Wright's body; and Mrs. Because the men virtually ignore the women's world, they remain blind to the truth before their eyes.


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