Treasure Island Analysis Essay

Lots of modern works like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” or “The Treasure Planet” by Disney exploit these images ruthlessly, but why did they become so popular?

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He encounters pirates who seek to overthrow the ship's officers in a mutiny.

is notable as a children's book because of the moral ambiguity of many of its main characters; the "good guys" are sometimes not so good, and its most memorable character, Long John Silver, is a classic anti-hero.

Such details help us imagine the pirates and their lifestyle so brightly that there is no wonder in the fact that Mr.

John Silver and his company became the ideal images of pirates for ages.

It is the book that almost everyone of us had in our childhood, immersing ourselves in the world of dangerous adventures, fame, fortune, storms and hidden treasures.

The novel accumulated all the images of pirates we know and use today: dreadful , cunning John Silver with his peg leg, talking parrot and being affably evil, rum and the song about the dead man’s chest – this is now such an essential part of pirate fictions like striped robes for prisoners in of the most popular children's books in history, it's had a major influence on popular culture portrayals of 19th-century pirates.It tells the story of young Jim Hawkins, cabin boy on a ship bound for an island where the treasure is believed buried.The first time we see him we immediately start imagining him as a grumpy man (he greets the rest of the character with the words that he doesn’t like the crew they hired and the very idea of sailing anywhere with it).But the first negative impression immediately disappears when we realize that it wasn’t just his bad mood but rather the intuition built over the years of working as a captain.This became possible, because Robert Louis Stevenson seemed to thoroughly study the history of piracy and he definitely knew what he wrote about. For example, the Skeleton Island is fully fictional, but its anchorage point is named after Captain Kidd – the real historical person, a pirate, who was mentioned in the book by Harold. Wilkins “New Facts about Mysterious Captain Kidd and his Skeleton Island Chests”.But there aren’t only pirates who made the story so awesome.Hawkins after their inn is burnt down by the pirates. Livesey isn’t as experienced in sailing and military as Captain Smollett is, but he still has enough bravery to go for Jim as a negotiator to the pirates’ lair and enough cunning to come up with all the plan with deceiving the pirates after he learns that the treasure has been relocated.The next character worth mentioning is Captain Smollett.He is curious, brave, noble and reckless, just as most of the kids of his age are, maybe as we all were.So, creating the character, his son can empathize, made the one that hits home instantly.


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