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Each one is filled with new tips on improving how you think about your work … Other samples I analyzed for comparison averaged about a full character more.

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Share your own best advice for the season in the comments section below—I’d love to keep the conversation going.

the end result, the feeling of accomplishment and creative fulfillment. Use Evernote on your computer, tablet, and/or smart phone.

But the hardest thing for most writers is the simple act of getting started. This free app collects information from everywhere and compiles neatly into one place for later retrieval by keyword search.

Here’s the usual scenario: A great idea pops into your head while in the shower. From pictures to web pages to travel itineraries, everything is stored for easy access. The easiest way to describe it is an outline in picture form.

Take a page from a child’s book and design a work environment where people feel free to get a little crazy.

For example, did you know that you can buy wall coverings and even paint that you can write and draw on?

Creativity in writing is an important first step, whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a client proposal.

But, like dropping a pebble into a pond, once you develop the ability to turn on your creative juices, the impact will spread to other parts of your work life and to the people you work with.

By the time you’re dry enough to turn on the computer, you’ve forgotten what it was. This technique is designed to prime the pump, to get something flowing, even if it makes no sense. If an old nursery rhyme or silly song surfaces, write that. The key using mind-mapping effectively is to create your own personal style, not try to follow someone else’s format. Get a set of colored pens on your desk and keep plenty of scratch paper handy. Jot down every topic or idea in no particular order.

Keep a notebook and pen or recording device next to the bed, in the kitchen, on your desk.


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