Thesis Statement On Federalism

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The National Supreme Court will exercise original jurisdiction over interstate commerce and transportation and appellate jurisdiction over cases arising from or between the states which involve the application and interpretation of the Federal Constitution and the federal laws.

Give the establishment of a state court system and the appellate or review processes up to the national level another three years. Much of the business of the US Supreme Court consists of adjudicating cases involving diversity of jurisdiction because of its dual court system. But what about the training of leaders in public policy, since each state is now going to determine its policies?

Take for example the Bicol Region, is it ready for statehood? This is necessary to give the states a sense that they are directors of their own political will and their political destiny.

The state constitution should be prepared and approved by the local population in a plebiscite.

Curiously, the ten-year period is similar to the ten-year transition period given by America to Filipinos before the grant of independence to them.

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When well-meaning leaders doubted whether ten years would be sufficient to prepare Filipinos for independence, President Quezon said dismissively, “I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans.” But can we dismiss apprehensions about changing the system of government when it also calls for changing the mindset and habits of thinking of people who for over a 100 years have not known of any regime but unitary system?Indeed, the whole process of federalization will involve dividing governmental powers between the national government, on the one hand, and the several states on the other.The national government will have power over matters of national concern, like foreign relations, national security, immigration, citizenship and naturalization, postal service, monetary currency, interstate commerce and transportation and communication.In addition, the complaint is that the age-old conflicts and secessionist movements in Mindanao continue to defy solution.All these – the failure of the LGUs to develop and the seemingly insoluble conflict in Mindanao – have been laid at the doorstep of Imperial Manila.What about the development of its economy, how long will it take to grow the region so that each state can stand on its own two feet?What about preparing people for the duties and responsibilities of statehood, all cast in the context of duties and responsibilities to the broader Nation?In 1944, the British government tried to organize them (except Singapore) into a single state, the Malayan Union, but strong opposition forced it to abandon the plan.Instead, on February 1, 1948 the Federation of Malaya, which later became the present Federation of Malaysia, was formed.Each will have its own constitution, its own government, and its own court system, in contrast to local governments which only exercise power given to them by the central government.Given the condition of the local government units, however, thoughtful citizens are asking whether we are ready for the federal system. Abueva, fervent advocate of federalism, estimates that ten years would be enough to make the proposed states viable. What federalization will entail Each state, as I have said, will have to have its own constitution.


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