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Dark Aemilia is an imagining of the writing of the play in the early 17th century, a period of witch-hunts and royal paranoia.

Dark Aemilia is an imagining of the writing of the play in the early 17th century, a period of witch-hunts and royal paranoia.

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The witches – four, not three – appear on the battlefield at the start.

They are still and impassive in the midst of the mayhem, more like soothsayers than malevolent hags.

It connects to a bleak and unforgiving landscape, in which the hubris of human beings is engulfed by the mysterious realm which they inhabit.

Central to this latest Macbeth is the conflict between men and women.

The world they inhabit is steeped in violence and war, set against the epic mountain landscape. It is an enduring inspiration for both writers and directors: one of the most frequently produced of all Shakespeare’s plays, it has also lent itself to countless stage interpretations and inspired films as diverse as Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation Throne of Blood and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy, a modern interpretation of the “blood will have blood” theme.

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Stage versions have included a “voodoo” take on the tragedy directed in Harlem by Orson Welles and Trevor Nunn’s chilling RSC production, starring Judi Dench and Ian Mc Kellen, filmed in 1978.As Terry Eagleton points out, the witches appear on stage before any other characters.Indeed he suggests that they are the heroines of the play.At the end of Kurzel’s film, the sky turns orange with a fire storm as Great Birnam wood burns. It looks like the burning oil wells of the Gulf war. Braveheart is a 1925 American silent contemporary western film directed by Alan Hale Sr. The story focuses on members of a tribe of Indians who are being intimidated by the owners of a canning company seeking to violate a treaty protecting the tribe's fishing grounds.In the panoramic crowd shots, the camera lingers on women and children, and we’re aware of their vulnerability.Most shockingly, Macduff’s wife and small children are publicly executed by Macbeth’s henchmen rather than being murdered in secret as they are in the play.As imaginative source material, Macbeth has much to offer.It taps into aspects of human psychology which are difficult to accept, such as the possibility that blood feuds satisfy some deep impulse in our nature.One of the hypnotic pleasures of the tragedy is the magnificent insubordination of Lady Macbeth, raging against the limitations of her gender.In my own writing, this female subversion was a cue for a novel about her tragedy, rather than Macbeth’s.


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