Thesis Payroll System Documentation

Thesis Payroll System Documentation-80
From this documents of payroll the salary will be illustrate the name of employee, the rate, the deductions for their benefits, deduction from damages and cash advance,computing a gross and giving the amount of net income. FOREIGN LITERATURECONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK OF THE STUDYDEFINITION OF TERMS AND VARIABLES Payroll System is the heart of any Human Resources System of an Organization.

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1.5 Significance of the Study The developed system shall provide the Sulphonation Plant of the company, GJKids, with an automated payroll system, that will help its supervisors in doing their secondary job of doing the payroll for those people under them.

More so, this aims to help the company in its growth by providing a system that would evolve in terms of its capacity in handling the number of employees (which is relatively low as of he ever changing laws that govern this process. The study is aimed to use an expert system, which is a field vastly evolving in the world of Information Technology.

It would also allow those researchers to further improve and develop on the system that will be generated by this group.

Payroll consists of the process by which a business pays its employees for work performed during a specific period.

A payroll system allows the employer to pay employees on time and accurately, plus comply with other statutory regulations.

EXISTING SYSTEMThe very process in the making of payroll manually means that you, or another employee within your company, calculated each pay period Payroll entirely on paper.

The disadvantage here is no soft copy that can save if necessary .

It is pure hard copy only CHAPTER 111RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1 CHAPTER 1 1.1.

It is designed to help human resource professionals as well as finance and accounting personnel to manage employee compensation, deductions, allowances, and benefits in an organization.

The system is integrated with the Employee’s information, offers efficient features and functionalities to manage company’s expenses.


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