Thesis On Coal Gasification

This undesirable situation has required the improvementof the oxidizer inlet section of the existing burner for pure oxygen flow.

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more While combustion is the most widespread energy production solution, gasification can produce secondary raw materials for chemical processes as methanol production. The average composition of Rantau 's coal maceral for vitrinite maceral group is 85.57% (vo/.). 88 Casi(ikas i ba111bara merupakan pro es merubah balllbara menjadi gas simesis.

However, controlling the process of different stages of gasification as pyrolysis can be challenging if the goal is to produce a synthesis gas with a specific requisite composition. Geological setting of ldamanggala area locmed in Barilo Basin included in Warukin Formation Early-Middle Miocene. Vitrinite content is relatively high in coal of Ran/au that included in kerogen Eype Ill as an identifier of humic organic matter and derived from the woody £issue of higher plants (angiosperm). The process of coal gasification can be done by drilling at 2 (two) drill holes toward 1he coal seam which is the wrget of gasification ie Seam-A Upper coal seam at depth more than I 00 meter. Salah satu gas yang dihasilkan ada/ah gas me/ana yang bersifm mudah terbakar.

The temperature control of the process on its own is not enough to alter the composition of the produced synthesis gas, especially if all reactions take place in a single stage.

The main objective of our research is to separate the low temperature and high temperature pyrolysis, and gain additional control over the whole process.

In this thesis, coal gases (blastfurnace gas and generator gas) which are obtained by gasification or by product of cokingof coal have burned with pure oxygen, combustion and emission characteristics wereinvestigated experimentally and numerically.

Furthermore, it is also aimed to ensuredissemination of usage of local coal, as gaseous fuel, for different industries and theintegration of these gases with metal and glass industry, cutting, welding and so onprocesses.

The purpose of this paper, is to briefly highlight these differences.

Coal is the most important energy source for our country, which is dependent on foreign energy sources. Nevertheless, direct utilization of coals brings about some challenges such as air...

To differentiate between Coal and Hydrocarbons such as Petroleum with respect to their mere physical properties is not a difficult task even to the layman.

Since Hydrocarbons are not limited to Petroleum only, difficulty arise to some...


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