Thesis Githa Hariharan

Post Midnight’s Children Indian novel in English has attained a respectable position throughout the world. Post God of Small Things the number of women novelists from India have increased.

Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, Upmanyu Chatterjee to name a prominent few focus on the issues that lie ‘externally’. In The Thousand Faces of Night (TFN from now onwards) Githa Hariharan depicts the thousand faces of women in India from Past to present ranging from Sita, Gandhari, Ambika, Amba (TFN: 249) to Devi in TFN.

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Sukalo, Rajkishor, Leelabati—activist, poet, singer; adivasis. Eighteen-year-old Muddu Thirthahalli and ninety-one-year-old Nayantara, both writers; Amarjeet, Sonia and 2000 others gathered at a workers’ rally.

Salima, Hafiz, Aslah, who refuse to be second-class citizens.


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