Thesis For Mechanical Engineering Students

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Second, all MS students are required to take one of the above courses to satisfy the mathematical component of this program.

These three courses are advanced engineering mathematics courses that emphasize different topics - analytical (ME150) or numerical (ES101) solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, mathematical transformation techniques (ME150), or statistics and process control (ME108).

The purpose of the breadth requirement is to expose the student to the connections between the sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering.

The Core A course is a pre-requisite for the Core B course in the same sequence The ability to apply mathematics, both classical analysis and computational techniques, to the formulation and solution of problems is central to engineering practice. First, the application of a variety of analytical topics integrated within the Core courses.

Standard duration of the study programme is 4 academic years. Graduates focused on energetics will be prepared to deal with practical problems in various fields of energetics – from the design through construction to operation of power machinery (boilers, turbines, cooling equipment, heat pumps, machines for compressing gas, hydraulic machines, etc.). This field of study provides students with broad knowledge of design, construction, planning, technology, installation, operation, measurement and evaluation of environmental machinery, ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment, alternative energy sources, separating devices and equipment for protection against noise. This field responds to current demand of industrial sector for special training of graduates of bachelor programme with regard to the future career of graduates with such specialization in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Bachelor programme “Mechanical Engineering“ of standard duration of 4 academic years is the first stage of the so called structured study programme which aims to enable a follow-up studies of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programme. The graduates specialized in energetics will find suitable jobs in department of energetics in companies as well as in energetics for civic amenities and in project and technical teams of professional energetics organizations. Graduates can work in construction of machine and equipment for environmental engineering, in planning air conditioning and heating systems but also for example in the supply and implementation companies as well as operating and service areas and they can hold various posts in investment departments, in hygienic service, in departments of environmental protection within State Administration. Graduates are prepared for the general design of engineering systems with computer support in the field of design and computation.

Students who do not select the topic and Research Advisor early in their BS/MS Program, or do not get a clear understanding of the expectations of that Research Advisor as to the thesis or project requirements may find that the BS/MS Program takes longer than they had anticipated.

In order to find a Research Advisor and a research topic, look at the MAE website to see what research various faculty members are currently performing.

Past theses and dissertations supervised by a faculty member will also provide information for the student’s decision.

Once you have identified one or more faculty member(s) whose research interests you, make an appointment to speak with them concerning opportunities for thesis research.


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