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Little can be said by merely looking at a flower, as one has to closely watch its evolution from both the productive and the destructive perspectives.

Only then will he be able to truly understand what lies beneath the simple image of...

Hemingway is a master gardener with the incredible ability to create such flowers.

He named this capacity of oceanic simplicity the Iceberg Theory.

The short story showcases most of his originality as a writer in the use of imagery, symbolism, irony, rhythmic language, dialogue, implicature, etc. more Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) wrote “Hills like White Elephants” in 1927.

The short story showcases most of his originality as a writer in the use of imagery, symbolism, irony, rhythmic language, dialogue, implicature, etc.Hemingway leaves it in the air for the sake of the aesthetic quality of his short story.In a ten-part analysis of the story text carried out under ten sub-topics coherently knitted together, are demonstrated Hemingway’s achievements in imagery, symbolism, and rhythmic language that are crucial for him as a thought-provoking storyteller.In the short story, Hemingway illustrates the power relation between a couple who are in the middle of making a serious decision- the girl is pregnant and she...more Ernest Hemingway wrote the short story of Hills like White Elephants in 1927.'The American,' presumably the girl's husband or lover, sees the pregnancy as a white elephant gift, as we can tell from his frequent and falsely supportive nudges to get her to have the procedure, or abortion. The English expression 'avoiding the elephant in the room' colorfully indicates a situation in which someone refuses to address a typically weighty, important, or just obvious topic.For the girl, her pregnancy is not a gift that she's unwilling to receive.In this lesson, learn how the theme of this 1927 short story is still a hot-button issue today!Have you ever been to a 'white elephant' gift exchange, or heard someone talk about avoiding 'the elephant in the room?Considering his genius as noticed in the narrative of less than 1,500 words in length that covers a period less than forty-minutes of the association between the two central characters, an American and his girlfriend, this paper analyses the style of Hemingway along with his treatment of the burning social issue emerging from pregnancy resulted in by love-making and the ways in which the two parties concerned reflect on it from their respective domains.The conflict over the foetus the girl is carrying within herself, for which the American is partly responsible, is temporarily interrupted by the affairs of daily life but is likely to remerge whenever they are to meet in peace.


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