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One of the reasons for rattan's replacement was that the demand for paper was so great the slow-growing plant had almost been wiped out in certain regions of China.Bamboo grows much quicker than hemp and so was a significantly cheaper option.

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They realized that some diseases resulted from vitamin defiance's.

Although they did not identify vitamins as such, they discovered and prescribed foods that would correct some problems.

Chinese family members cared especially about filial piety, or what we would consider our children's respect for their parents.

The typical household in Han China was made up of a nuclear family, which included only parents and children.

The widespread use of paper and printing were features of ancient China which distinguished it from other ancient cultures.

Traditionally, paper was invented in the early 2nd century CE, but there is evidence it was much earlier.

Through different tales and explanations, Buddhism was able to flourish among not just one class but all classes because it related to many aspects of life.

C the Chinese people were fashioning ideas that would result in unique civilization.

From the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) paper production techniques became even better and the main raw material was now the boiled bark of the mulberry tree.

Chinese paper was of such high quality that it was traded to foreign states along the Silk Road.


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