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When I reflect back I realised that before a worker visits Molly she is normally told of her history of being very abusive, and have realised that it became a precedent.When I first worked with Molly I never judged her, as my aim was to help her live within her community with accordance to the Nhs community care act 1990.The aims and objectives of this assignment are to reflect on an incident and to explain and understanding my theory of the incident.

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I feel my immediate actions meet Molly`s needs, I feel if I had been with Molly for a while I wouldn’t have let the situation go that far,, and would have helped her as an advocate.

I feel through this incident I am developing a knowledge and experience, I am also becoming confident and more aware of interactions with others and how I also affect others without imposing my beliefs and values upon them.

I then discussed with Molly her capabilities of managing on her own, and the risks of managing on her own due to her mobility which was very slow.

The reason for the discussion was to avoid a system which takes away her too much responsibility for action from the client.

If the carer that had been working with Molly had support this situation might have been avoided. Jeffs T, and Smith MK(1995) Social working Macmillan press Coulshed V and Orme J (1998) Social work practice 3rd edition Macmillan press Egan G.(2002) The skilled Helper 7th edition British Library publication Hugman R and Smith D, (2001 Ethical issues in social work) Routledge Payne Modern social work theory 2nd edition (1997) Macmillan press Vass A.

According to one definition it involves "paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. Reflective practice can be an important tool in practice-based professional learning settings where people learn from their own professional experiences, rather than from formal learning or knowledge transfer.The client felt she was alone, she didn’t become very hysterical.I then put a plaster on her fingers to calm the blood.One of them was to contact an electrition and the housing officer including being in touch with a district nurse.We managed to get in touch with everyone except for social services.My critical incident took place in the clients own home.Molly is a 92 year old white old lady living in a council flat.I raised Molly`s self-esteem and relieved her feelings of depression.As it was important to realise that Molly social circumstance I used a psychosocial approach which according to Coulshed and Orme (1998) a treatment process process which included establishing a relationship, building ego support via clients identification with the workers strengths helping the client to grow in terms of identity and selfawareness and working In future if anything like this happens to me whilst working, I feel that it will be very important not to let the situation to escalate to such a degree.As Molly had felt that she wasn’t being treated equally, I tried to help her to gain more control over her live, by using personal resources that she has so as to have her voice heard and to challenge any inequality and oppression.I sat down and listened to Molly tell her story, by doing this it helped me to bring up a number of things that bothered her.


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