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Moreover, the book is characterized as a fable, which are aimed at learning important lessons out of the character’s experience.The lessons from the Coelho book are clear: the modern human beings have forgotten what whey are living for an they need to find out their own dreams, rely more on the instincts and heart and do not think of their home as it is the source of the individuality and creativity.This catchy and easy-to-remember phrase sounds like a universal law and thus inspires the readers to participate actively in their own lives and do not be afraid of changes.

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In the end of the fable the main character surprisingly discovers that the treasures he was looking for the whole book can be found under the tree he saw his dreams in Spain.

This episode reveals the third lesson Coelho teaches the readers and it consists of two parts.

Santiago finds the courage to follow all the rules and demonstrates how valuable are the lessons in his own life suggesting that the real happiness and satisfaction of life can be be found only after learning this hard, dangerous but extremely important lessons.

People are scared to achieve these goals because of the fear of failure, fear of losing loved ones, fear of realizing the dream they have fought for all our lives, and deep seated self-sabotage.

According to the book, is it possible to live a fulfilling life without ever achieving one’s Personal Legend? What role do forces of nature such as the wind and the sun play in Santiago’s journey?

During Santiago’s stay in Tangiers, what does Santiago teach the crystal merchant, and what does the crystal merchant teach Santiago?

But by the end of the novel Santiago completely trusts his heart to guide him though life.

Santiago’s story shows him learning and living out the theme of the novel.

Actually, the whole story reflects the interaction and understanding of these two lessons.

Santiago follows the dream and listens to signals of his heart. Though it appeared to be crooked and hard, he walked it till then end and finally achieved the goal he was made for.


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