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Many children with ASD can regulate their caregiver’s behaviors by requesting or protesting; they may also label objects and events in the environment or talk in full sentences. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 45(4), 672–686.

Despite these peripheral linguistic skills, they fail to share information with others and communicate within a social context (Rollins, 2014). The SLP’s role in collaborative assessment and intervention for children with ASD.

In other words, six distinct integers must be picked from set above, and their sum with must be a multiple of .

The interval containing the possible sums of the six numbers in S are from to .

For example, an informal communication assessment could include the range of communicative intentions, cohesion, responsiveness to speech (i.e., the proportion of adult utterances to which the child responds), mean length of utterance (MLU), echolalia, pronoun use, discourse management (e.g., topic maintenance, turn taking, appropriate topic shifts), register variation (i.e., using appropriate language forms with different conversational partners and in varying situations), and presupposition (i.e., the understanding of what it is reasonable to assume the communication partner knows) (Paul, 2007). Profiles of social communicative competence in middle school children with Asperger’s Syndrome: Two case studies.

What is analyzed is determined by the student’s age and language abilities.

Since all of Isabella's test scores can be expressed as the sum of and an integer between and , we rewrite the problem into receiving scores between and .

We note that Isabella received integer scores out of to .

Facilitating early social communication skills: From theory to practice.

Provides information on autism, including assessment.


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