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Design engineers must consider installation and maintenance.

Whereas lower level staff members in many American organizations often lack the latitude necessary to achieve customer needs, this is not the case in Japanese companies, in which every position in the company is predicated upon the importance of attaining and cultivating customer satisfaction.

Achieving this degree of unanimity within the organization is a major objective of Total Quality Management.

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However, at the same time that customer satisfaction is of primary importance in the rubric of Total Quality Management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are equally important components in achieving the full objectives of this managerial program.

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Through the assiduous application of quality improvement and process control, companies using Total Quality Management seek to eliminate all extraneous or redundant financial outlays.

However, there is a fundamental unity of principle that can be observed in all of the workings of Total Quality Management theory and practice, and that is the necessity of inspiring deep and meaningful satisfaction among the consumers of the particular goods or services being offered.

Further, according to the precepts of Total Quality Management, this level of customer satisfaction can only be achieved and sustained through the diligent, dedicated efforts of the organization as a whole.

Many firms also often engage in periodic analyses of their competitors’ practices and procedures in order to potentially benefit from any advantage in the process that the competing firm may have implemented.

Although the approach of Total Quality Management has obviously been beneficial for business organizations both in the United States and in Japan, as well as in many other countries where this paradigm has gained prevalence, many firms that have attempted to leverage the benefits of Total Quality Management have experienced significant problems.


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