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The Geography undergraduate programme is one of the most popular, with typical enrolment in the region of 500 students.

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The Martian atmosphere is comprised of over 95% carbon dioxide, and yet we still do not know to what extent this dominant volatile interacts with Mars’ surface in the present day.

While current atmospheric conditions on Mars are not conducive to the sustainability of liquid water without the presence of salts, phase changes of CO may form linear gullies – a sub type of Martian gullies that populate dunes in the southern hemisphere and are characterized by small alcoves, narrow channels, levées and terminal pits.

Falling Fruit Ireland is a community-based project established by Bernie Brannick which harvests the seasonal glut of fruit (apples, pears, plums, etc) and vegetables and distributes it to local charities.” The Irish Times: Brannick also set up , an initiative in which people pick and share surplus fruit in private gardens for owners that can no longer do so themselves.

Dissertation: Falling Fruit and the Landscape of Urban Food Harvesting in Dublin by Emma Bradfield Skelly, Department of Geography, TCD. “What the research finds is a strong network of like-minded people involved in many different projects with a focus on sharing and sustainability”.After the owner takes the first share, the rest of the produce goes to charities who put it to good use…” Catherine Cleary 2015 The Irish Times Magazine – Catherine Cleary Dublin Gazette: “Food Drive: Call to help gather unwanted fruit from across the city to help charities.The Geography Department was established in Mary Immaculate College in 1974.Prior to receiving his Masters of Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, Ben studied at the School of Geography and Archaeology at the National University of Ireland, Galway.Writing for a double major, he produced two theses: ‘The Geopolitical Narrative of U. Foreign Aid Post 9/11’ and ‘Philosophising on Kulturegesellschaft: Outline of the collectors' illusion with the archaeological artefact’.Our facilities include a dedicated teaching and resource area, including a map library, a GIS laboratory, a sediment analysis laboratory, and two microscope laboratories.All members of the department are research active, and provides supervision for suitably qualified candidates wishing to undertake postgraduate degrees (MA and Ph D) by research and to investigate new ways to facilitate long-haul space travel to Mars. Outreach is very important to me and I try to contribute to the visibility of women in science by visiting schools and telling young students about my research and my interests.I believe science does not have a uniform and I am passionate about eradicating stereotypes in STEM.Follow @mclaurenseries [email protected] am a third year Ph. student and member of the Trinity College Dublin Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Group.I am interested in planetary cryospheric science and surface processes on icy planetary objects.


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