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An experienced, high profile Minneapolis wine seller has chosen not to enter the wine storage business because in Minnesota, "everyone has a basement." Is opening a wine storage facility a good idea for your company?

From construction guidelines to financial and liability considerations to marketing, this document is designed to help you evaluate the feasibility of wine storage for your company.

To assist your efforts, you may want to consider enlisting the aid of a professional business plan writer.

Time and time again, the best entrepreneurs we see rely on professionally crafted plans to guide their decision making.

In an era of increasing club store dominance and competition for sales, many independent retailers find themselves asking questions like these: How can I secure customer loyalty?

How can I increase or even maintain my sales in an environment where I'm outspent and out-priced by industry giants like Wal-Mart?Profile: above ground, low overhead, small volume storage, lessee. K&L Wines, San Francisco— Sleek, Urban Ergonomics: Three Times is a Charm for this experienced wine storage provider.Profile: above ground, multi-level access, lessee with option to buy. Monterey Hi-Way Self-Storage/Depositario di Vino, Monterey, CA— Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals. Binny's, Chicago, IL— If They Come, We Will Build It.Complete the form by entering your city, state and zip code to get a list of data storage businesses that are close by.If there's too much competition, it may be wise to consider starting the business in a less competitive marketplace.Finding a Non-Competitive Business Mentor If you want to open a data storage business it's a smart move to have a conversation with someone who is in the business.It's very unlikely that the local competition will talk to you.Check Out Competitors Before you open a data storage business in your area, it's essential to find out how you will fit in the competitive landscape.We've provided the link below to help you get a list of local competitors nearby.This business plan outline will save you time and money, and will help you make smart choices, whether you are presently a wine industry or a storage industry professional, or are simply considering this dynamic growth segment of the wine industry.Learn through case studies how four experienced professionals have created successful wine storage businesses, and added customer value and significant passive income to their businesses.


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