Starting Your Own Financial Planning Business

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Are in-person meetings best, or are phone calls preferable? Where do one-to-many communications like newsletters and social media fit in?

" Financial Planning For Gen X And Gen Y Clients: Focus On Human Capital First "In the future firms that are aiming to serve younger clientele should consider adding "career asset management" services, and advising clients on their career decisions, and not focus too heavily on "just" the financial products clients need to purchase or the assets they have available to manage.

By asking people what's important to them and unique about their concerns, you can find a niche of your own, and may even discover that your interviewees become the first people to refer clients to your new business." What Is The Philosophy Of Your Financial Planning Firm?

"In a world where financial planning is guided by a standardized process but a lot of leeway about precisely what financial planning recommendations are crafted and implemented, the reality is that two well-intentioned financial planners can come up with remarkably different solutions for clients depending on their views and perspective.

More and more financial advisors are exploring this path -- and with networks like XYPN that provide the necessary technology platform, compliance support, and other tools that make it possible to run a successful business, it's becoming an increasingly realistic option for advisors who want to serve way.

While starting your own financial firm is possible, there's still a lot of information out there about how to do it. Financial Advisor’s Guide To Establishing A Next Generation Financial Planning Firm "If you're a newer advisor that recently started your own practice, or are thinking about going out on your own, this should be helpful to you as a starting point for solutions to consider and some ideas about what's important to focus on.

The basic principle: instead of blasting out solicitations hoping you happen to hit a prospective client like finding a needle in a haystack, create content that is useful, relevant, and interesting for your target clients, and let them find you." When A Prospect Searches For You On The Internet, What Do They Find?

"The inspiration for today's blog post was a recent conversation I had with another planner, who shared a great deal of trepidation about how when something appears on the internet 'it never goes away,' and his concern about the potential that someone might say something bad about him online, where it would be immortalized forever.

In truth, there are many paths to finding a niche, from focusing on a passion, to an area where you already have an affinity or connections, to your existing clients or even former colleagues in a prior line of business.

For those who truly have "no idea" what to do, the easiest path may simply be to start taking anyone you know out to lunch, asking them what their needs and issues are, and beginning to define a vision for your business accordingly.


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