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Their hips and shoulders are grayish-brown and the base of the tail is also this color but is tipped in black (Rowe 1996).They have tufts of fur on their ears and their heads appear very round.Male and female squirrel monkeys are seasonally sexually dimorphic.

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Occasionally they also eat nuts, buds, eggs and small vertebrates.

The mating of the squirrel monkeys is subject to seasonal influences.

Males and females are similar heights, 310 mm (12.2 in) on average, but males are heavier than females, weighing between 9 g (2.12 to 2.4 lb), depending on the season while females weigh between 700 and 900 g (1.54 to 1.98) (Rowe 1996).

The black squirrel monkey, , gets its name from the black band from the crown to the tail.

The gray or black fur on their head makes a very shallow "V" pattern between their eyes (Groves 2001).

subspecies are predominantly orange to golden-orange over their backs, hands, feet, and forearms while the crown fur is blackish in females or blackish-brown in males.

is 270 mm (10.6 in), but males weigh more than females.

Average weights in males range from 750 to 950 g (1.65 to 2.1 lb), depending on the time of year, while females weigh between 600 and 790 g (1.32 to 1.74 lb) (Groves 1996; Boinski et al. The common squirrel monkey, range between 5 g (1.22 to 2.53 lb) for males and 651 to 1250 g (1.43 to 2.76 lb) for females, with the males measuring only slightly longer than the females at 318 mm (12.5 in) compared to 316 mm (12.4 in) (Rowe 1996).

For marking territory, squirrel monkeys rub their tail and their skin in with their own urine.

The fruit and insect diet: It is a very agile monkey, with a high metabolic rate, and an omnivorous animal, feeding on fruits, insects, and some leaves, seeds and other plant parts.


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