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psychological, biological, and social learning theories. Generally, the theories insinuate that instrumental violence which is usually non-emotional and mission- oriented kind of violence has harm as its main objective.In most instances of violence in sports, it is reactive violence that is depicted whereby fans incite players to engage in violence on the one hand and reflect violence (the fans) on the other.

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According to the theory, persons learn new behaviors through modeling and also through modeling by the use of punishments and rewards.

In sports, the young players perceive their sports heroes as role models and as a result, they imitate their behaviors.

At the same time, coaches, team mates, and parents may also be taken to be role models and may depict support for violent playing styles.

Therefore, violence in sports can occur due to young sports persons imitating the behaviors of their role models which may suggest aggression (Abdal-Haqq, 1989).However, as it regards to violence in sports, the theory is of the opinion that it is the innate feelings of aggression in people that prompts them to engage in violence behaviors hence violence in sport is one of the ways that human beings use to release the vent up aggression within them (Currie, 2000).The psychological theory holds that violence is caused by dissatisfaction.The theory articulates that sport is an acceptable way for athletes to release steam or aggression that has been pent-up.The theory upholds the need for people to engage in sports because it helps them vent out aggression.Jamieson and Orr (2009) point out that one of the major social influences in sports include coaches.Coaches depict the values and skills of sports that are esteemed by youngsters and that is why they tend to imitate these values and skills.Primarily, within any given social environment, actions that are exhibited are usually motivated by others and the social circumstances present.In terms of leadership and role models, the behaviors they hold up are the behaviors that will be imitated by those that they lead.Therefore, children will imitate the virtues or the vices as they are executed by coaches.In the case where violence is portrayed by coaches, then the possibility of violence in sports is enhanced.


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