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Result: The optimal solution: Conclusion: it is optimal to ship 100 units from Factory 1 to Customer 2, 100 units from Factory 2 to Customer 2, 100 units from Factory 2 to Customer 3, 200 units from Factory 3 to Customer 1 and 100 units from Factory 3 to Customer 3.

Finding an initial basic feasible solution is the prime requirement to obtain an optimal solution for the transportation problems. Again, some of the well reputed methods for finding an initial basic feasible solution of transportation problems developed and discussed by them are North West Corner Method (NWCM) [9] , Row Minimum Method (RMM) [6] [26] , Column Minimum Method (CMM) [6] [26] , Least Cost Method (LCM) [9] , Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) [9] [24] , Extremum Difference Method (EDM) [10] , Highest Cost Difference Method (HCDM) [5] [6] , Average Cost Method (ACM) [4] , TOCM-MMM Approach [11] , TOCM-VAM Approach [13] , TOCM-EDM Approach [15] , TOCM-HCDM Approach [14] , TOCM-SUM Approach [7] etc.

Received 24 November 2015; accepted 1 March 2016; published 4 March 2016 1. There are m sources and n destinations, each represented by a node. The objective function minimizes the total cost of transportation (Z) between various sources and destinations. (2014) Advanced Vogel’s Approximation Method (AVAM): A New Approach to Determine Penalty Cost for Better Feasible Solution of Transportation Problem.

Introduction Transportation problem is famous in operation research for its wide application in real life. The arcs represent the routes linking the sources and destinations. The constraint i in the first set of constraints ensures that the total units transported from the source i is less than or equal to its supply. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 3, 182-187.

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Solve Transportation Problem Essay Questions In American History

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