Smoking Reflection Essay

Smoking Reflection Essay-19
Reaction Paper on Smoking The lecture held on the 27th October 2010 about smoking.

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Last but not least, smoking could damage the immune system. Therefore, as stated in the lecture: “Even though tobacco kills the half of its loyal consumers, it could be a warning so as to keep away from death”!

Indeed, when the immune system starts getting weaker, the risks of stimulating tumors become higher! In other words, people shall stay away from smoking!

As said by the second lecturer, some people resort to drugs because they are regarded as a king of refuge that helps to forget life issues and seek for the satisfaction that people are not able to find in the tangible world.

Through two scientific phenomenons that have been defined previously, people addicted to drugs can savor the feeling of euphoria.

In fact, this excessive dependence noticed from young adults has an explanation: our brain include a “reward system” that stimulates the activity of “dopamine”, a substance that provides a sensation of ecstasy!

The third lecture covered the effects of cigarette on pregnant women.There remains much that tobacco companies could do to fulfil their responsibilities to inform smokers.We explore issues involved in the meaning of “adequately informed” smoking and discuss some of the key policy and regulatory implications.Also, we should bring up that radioactivity is one of the most hazardous elements contained in the cigarette!The cigarette itself gives birth to highly toxic gases such as CO (carbon monoxide), as well as poisonous substances such as nicotine. For instance, heart diseases could show up afterwards!Starting by the first one, the lecturer stressed on three main components of smoking: Attitude, habitude and dependence.Initially, we can identify a pre-smoker through his attitude, seeing as a beginning of smoking.Not only smoking affects born children, but it affects also mothers!Undeniably, we can compute several effects on the smoker mother; for example, smoking could lead to infertility, the increase in premature births among women, early menopause and many other serious problems!For that, they figured out a way: “through these exhilarating substances that are drugs, they can escape from the reality to transfer in a sort of immaterial world”.Hence, through several researches, scientists identified two types of drugs: licit that consists of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit including cannabis, cocaine, heroin and morphine.


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