Short Essay On Science And Religion

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The spirits of the dead visit the living, particularly at various festivals, as frequently in many cultures.Here again, much of the interest is negative, in refuting earlier generalizations.

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The title essay, "Magic, Science and Religion" (1925) attempts first to demarcate the domain of magic from science (by which he means loosely the knowledge and skills derived from observation and experience) and from religion.

It has nothing about the origins of science, perhaps because This is the second book in my reading of Malinowski.

I enjoyed only the Baloma essay which deals with the Trobrianders' beliefs about the afterlife and the spirits of the dead. It's truly a piece of classical, old-school anthropology.

The second essay worth reading is the one about the anthropological perspective on war.

In many cultures it seems the witch doctor I am loving on this book.

It describes the way magic in primitive cultures turns into relgious ritual as they progress, and gives lots of real-wrold examples of cultures undergoing this transition, and the way it changes their understanding of the world.

Plus, I resent having to read anything that takes me away from studying for my two osteology classes right now.

Hrmph.20130122 Never before have I so deliberately20130118 For Social Anthropology 3400 (core requirement), Winter Q 2013. Not only is it hopelessly antiquated, factually incorrect, and infuriating in its condescending language (members of hunter/gatherer cultures are described as "savages" and "primitives"), but it's also as slow as molasses.

The "bibliographic" essay at the end would make a good reading list for the history of anthropology from Tylor to the 1920s.

The second essay, "Myth in Primitive Psychology" [1926] argues that mythology is concerned not with "explaining" phenomena, whether natural of social, but with justifying or validating them.


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