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EEB Graduate Student Handbook 2018-2019Student Web Service 2016-2017Guidelines for Setting a MSc Exam Guidelines for the Ph.

D Appraisal Exam Question Bank for Appraisal Exam Advice for the Ph.

The design and delivery of a flexible-time Ph D program option permits continued employment by the student in areas related to the student's field of research, except for short specified periods of time.

In these programs, theory and praxis uniquely engage and inform each other.

All degree program students are subject to both the General Regulations and Degree Regulations in this calendar.

In particular, note section 7 of the General Regulations, Good Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress, Time Limits, Supervision, and Candidacy.

Appraisal Checklist and Timeline for the EEB Ph D Final Oral Exam Guidelines for Setting a Ph D Final Oral Exam MSc and Ph D Supervisory Committee Meeting Report Approval of MSc Thesis for Examination MSc Thesis Exam Report Approval of Corrections to MSc Thesis Post-Appraisal Exam Requirements Completion Form Ph D Appraisal Exam Report Approval of Ph D Thesis for Final Oral Exam Choosing and Nominating an External Examiner for a Final Ph D Exam Ph D Final Oral Exam Booking Information Sheet For St.

12 Doctoral Degrees13 Master's Degrees All degree students are accepted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Degree types that are specific to one graduate program are listed below with a link to details contained ​in the graduate unit entry. The University of Toronto offers programs of study leading to four doctoral degrees: Degrees offered in multiple programs are listed first, followed by degrees specific to one graduate program.

The Ph D is offered in a variety of programs in multiple graduate units.


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