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Children in smoky homes are also more prone to respiratory problems.Smokers’ children are also more prone to middle ear infections (RCP, 1992).

Children in smoky homes are also more prone to respiratory problems.Smokers’ children are also more prone to middle ear infections (RCP, 1992).

They are far less likely to be able to leave a smoke-filled room if they want to: babies cannot ask, some children may not feel confident about raising the subject and others may not be allowed to leave even if they do ask.

Studies in the 1990s showed that many European children live in smoky homes, from a quarter in Finland to two-thirds in the Netherlands (Royal College of Physicians, 1992).

Women and children may face the greatest risk from second-hand smoke, and the poorest are most affected.

Smoking prevalence is higher in lower socioeconomic groups, so the number of poor children exposed to smoking in the home is greater.

Children, particularly very young ones, are especially at risk from the harm done by ETS, as they usually have no say in when or where the smoker smokes.

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Tobacco smoke in the home is an important source of exposure because children spend most of their time at home and indoors.Other studies have shown that passive smokers can develop cancer of the lung (Rapti et al, 1999; Zhong et al, 1999), heart disease (He et al, 1999) and other smoking-related disease by being regularly exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).ETS is a complex mixture of more than 4000 chemical compounds, including at least 40 known carcinogens.Severe infections - Serious illness - the child may become physically weak or perhaps fall behind socially or at school - Coughing - disruptive for household members - Need for hospital treatment - frightening for child and parent and may disrupt household and the child’s development - May be life-threatening.There are many options for reducing smoke exposure.The child may also regress to tantrums or bedwetting.Asthma - Need to avoid triggers - even moderate asthma may limit family life, and some control methods are expensive - Wheezing - chest discomfort and wheezing cause anxiety for both child and parents - Need for drug treatment - some asthma drugs, particularly steroids, can damage children’s health and growth- Need for hospital treatment - A&E attendance or admission may be frightening for the child and parent and disrupt family life- May be life-threatening.There is a unique risk to community-based health workers who are caring for smokers in their homes or in community contexts.At a recent RCN congress the issue of whether patients who smoke in their homes before or during visits could harm district nurses was raised.It also contains carbon monoxide, a gas that inhibits the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to body tissues, including vital organs.When a cigarette is smoked, about 85% of the smoke from a cigarette rises into the air.


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