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Alternatively, you can search for specific people or titles: Author (Last Name, First Name) Example: Yost, Jeffrey Title Example: Dance in another dimension Click on the department, division, college, or school name below to see a list of that department's dissertations since 1986 available from OSU Libraries.

Note: multiple listings may be present due to organizational name changes.

Covers more than 2.4 million doctoral dissertations and master’s degree theses.

For some of the papers, you can browse the PDF of the main text and the abstract.

A "Browse schools" link will appear next to the search box to assist you with school names.

You may also search departments, subjects, author, abstract, title, and more.After scanning the material, we will email you a link to the PDF on our local server. Many colleges and universities in Ohio are placing recent dissertations and some theses in the Ohio LINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Center, which contains PDFs.Most items are post-2002 items, but there is a selection of pre-2002 items.Since these are rare materials, they are not available for loan.Users can copy materials within the scope permitted by copyright law (usually, less than half).You can search the OSU Catalog for dissertations by: Using the catalog's Advanced Search, you can limit to both online and print theses.See our Theses/Dissertations Mini-Catalog for a search pre-limited to online/print theses.The entire text of the dissertation (or abstract), as well as summary of the review and abstract, can be read at Tsukuba Repository.The Tsukuba Repository can be searched to find specific dissertations of interest : Tsukuba Repository To specify a particular field → [Search Disserations by Field (From 1 April 2013)] If you can not find the one you would like, please ask us at the reference desk.At the ETD Center, you can If you do not find what you are looking for, you can search the Ohio LINK catalog Advanced Search for print and select electronic dissertations and theses at Ohio colleges and universities. Full-text is available for dissertaions after 1997 (and some even earlier).- use the Other Material Types limit of Search Proquest Dissertations & Theses for dissertations from colleges and schools in the U. If you are looking for items from a specific institution, choose School name/code from the drop down menu next to a search box.


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