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Such properties are key factors for the dispersion of angiosperm generations over space and time.When appropriate conditions (water, temperature, oxygen) are met, and in the absence of dormancy, seeds rapidly resume metabolism upon imbibition and shift to a new developmental program leading to germination and seedling establishment.First, the editor(s) will screen them to determine their appropriateness to the aims and scope of the journal, as well as to gauge their methodological rigor and their quality of English writing.

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We compare our results with the existing results in the literature.

The frequency of blunders perioperative because of anesthesia is expanding, and the precise occurrence is significantly thought little of practically due to underreporting. Ayman Aly Rayan, Sherif Essam Hemdan, Ayman Mohamed Shetaia [Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF] | [Mobile HTML Full text] | [EPub] Staying in touch with the journal Table of Contents (TOC) email alerts: Receive an email alert containing the TOC when a new complete issue of the journal is made available online. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) helps you to get alerts on new publication right on your desktop without going to the journals website. RSS feeds can also be read through Fire Fox or Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Although anhydrobiosis can be found occasionally in other eukaryote lineages, it is a widespread property in most plant seeds, the so-called orthodox seeds.

(Desiccation-sensitive seeds, such as walnut, coffee, and many tropical seeds, are called recalcitrant.) In the dry state, seeds are metabolically inactive, highly tolerant to environmental conditions, and can remain viable for long periods of time (2000-year-old date seeds actually produced healthy plants; Sallon et al 2008).

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Therefore, seed germination (defined as radicle protrusion), as well as early seedling growth, is entirely heterotrophic, relying on respiratory metabolism.

The oxidation of carbon reserves (starch, lipids, proteins) accumulated during seed maturation provides the energy required for germination, emergence, and development of the seedling until transition to autotrophy.

It is noteworthy that agriculture, and thus civilizations, emerged because of, and still rely on, the capacity of seeds to tolerate desiccation.

Since water is essential for the continuation of life, and even for the maintenance of biological structures, surviving desiccation is not trivial and requires sophisticated cellular adaptations, notably at the molecular level.


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