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Note: SCDL reserves the right to ask for additional documents if necessary, to verify academic qualification of student.Student is liable to submit the required documents within the specified timeline prescribed by SCDL.

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Should be “Management” and not “Manipulated” Information System. A firm can use four basic competitive strategies to deal with the competitive forces: Product differentiation Focused differentiation Non-development of right linkages with customers and suppliers Becoming a low-cost product 3. The storage of measurements in digital form in a computer database with focus on the following features: Points Lines Areas (polygons) 8.

Characteristics of information are: It improves representation of an entity. The depiction of the measured or analysed data in some type of display in any of the following commonly employed forms: Maps Graphs Lists Summary statistics 9.

Some of the major GIS applications are in the areas of: Advertising Archeology Education (location of institutes, etc.) Cartography (mapmaking) 10.

The major characteristics of business decision-making are: Sequential in nature Exceedingly complex due to risks and trade offs Influenced by personal value Made in institutional settings and business environment context 11. Monitoring, following up and initiating course-corrective action.

Its a mixture of both students center for material and commercial venture. Guess I fail to get you understand what i meant to say above.

I take up classes for students on subjects like Economics, Accounts etc etc.. Well as you said above that you are taking up classes for the subjects Economics, Accounts etc etc, so I just wanted to know how many subjects are you counting with "etc etc" or about major subjects.

Students holding Indian passport but residing in SAARC/ International Country, at the time of applying for admission irrespective of the duration of their stay and having valid visas will also be considered under SAARC/ International country students.

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For example, if some students wants help on Operations Management, TQM, Strategic Management, HRM, etc., do you handle them too and have you enough experience to help them. I beg your pardon if my any single word ever made you feel bad but I just wanted to clear all the things.

For example, if students asked me to help them on Managerial Econom,ics or Financial Accounting, I am not conversant enough (though I have studied those topics) to help the students. Hi Anil & Simhan, The other subjects are : a) Capital Market b) Taxation c) Operation Systems d) Computer Fundamentals & Networking Concepts e) Basic Fundamentals of Programming f) C Programming g) Database Management System h) Human Resource Management Material wise, I personally till now have not comeup with any material.


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