Sat Essay About Truth

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Through test prep sophomore year and earlier in junior year, students can get a refresher on the content they’ve already covered – allowing them to take the test earlier and have more time for adjustments.

Also, they can learn test-taking strategies and tips that don’t necessarily require prior knowledge of the content.

Just because a student performs well in class doesn’t mean he or she will do well on the ACT or SAT the first time around.

A student wouldn’t go into any other test unprepared, and standardized college entrance exams are no different.

However, all colleges and universities equally consider both tests. The factor that students must consider when choosing which test to take and prepare for is which one is a better fit for his or her abilities.

Sat Essay About Truth

At Ivy Wise, we recommend students take a diagnostic test of each under timed conditions to get an idea of which test they prefer and what aspects they need to prepare for.

We’ve previously debunked common admissions myths and now it’s time to tackle misinformation around the ACT and SAT.

Here are some common college entrance exam myths and the truth behind each one. This is a common myth – pitting one test against the other and even asserting that colleges value one over the other.

Many families have the attitude of “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” However, for current sophomores and freshmen, who will be the first to take the new test, the time to prepare is now.

Changes coming to the SAT include content, scoring, length, and more.


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