Sample Masters Research Proposal

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Formulate a research timetable, using the department's deadlines for proposals.

In your writing stages, include time for research, for writing your literature review, which aggregates previous research on the topic, and for presentations, training and seminars necessary for your research. Note each section's deadline next to it in your table.

Your proposal will help us to make sure that: The process of producing a proposal is usually also essential if you need to apply for funding to pay your fees or support yourself whilst doing your research.

Funding bodies will often need to be reassured that you are committed to a viable project at a suitable university.

Identify your supervisor and the role she will play.

Sample Masters Research Proposal Steps In Writing A Research Proposal

If you have more than one supervisor for your research, detail how each one will contribute and what role she will fulfill.

Your proposal should be typed double-spaced, if possible, and be between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

Writing a research proposal is a lengthy, in-depth process.

Skip this step if those factors don't apply to your research.

Prepare a proposal coversheet in accord with your department's requirements.


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