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Since 2014 and the re-launch of BS8814, all treks and expeditions have been managed through Risk Management Plans based on BS8814.

A Senior Trainer with Rescue Emergency Care (REC), Alan delivers courses up to REC Level 5 (Travel/Expedition First Aid) and also a REC certificated High Altitude First Aid course and both of these courses involve practical use of Portable Altitude Chambers (PAC).

It features seven outer and three inner pockets and is the perfect solution for those with a demanding outdoor lifestyle who like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Little wonder it's a popular choice photographers and journalists on overseas assignments as well as for those who simply appreciate its combination of style and practicality. Weight: 610g Pack Size: 1,600ml Drying Time: 6 hours Pocket science at Rohan is all about precision and detail of design, but most of all, it’s about keeping your most important stuff safe at times when losing keys, passports and wallet is more than just an inconvenience.

In order to discover the answer, I've embarked on an experimental travel-linen trip to a southern Mediterranean resort where the mean daily temperature is at least 20 degrees higher than in Tunbridge Wells.

The irst test is the plane journey, which involves surprisingly equatorial levels of heat, as we sit stewing on the Tarmac and twiddling malfunctioning ventilator nozzles above our heads.Looks-wise, you can't fault the travel linen, it's only in terms of comfort that you can quibble; the fact is, the real stuff has a floppiness which feels like a second skin, while the travel variety has a stiffness to it that replicates not so much the touch of flesh - as the slight abrasiveness of mesh.Nevertheless, it's just the job if you need to step straight off a plane and into a business meeting or modelling assignment.Reunited next morning with Outfit A, I note that it, too, hasn't suffered from a night spent draped over a chair.Whereas conventional linen has a somewhat jowly, sack-like guise, this travel stuff tends towards a stiffer, more sheet-like, deckchair material; instead of moulding compliantly to one's contours, it tends to swish across the skin - nice to start with (and breezy, too), but a little wearing after a long day's slogging along the beach.There's nothing we can do to our internal thermostats to reduce the perspiration, but there is, it seems, a new way to stop linen going saggy and wrinkled the minute the temperature turns even vaguely tropical, and it's thanks to the adventure clothing specialist Rohan.It's the equivalent of sartorial Botox, and it's been made possible by the invention of something called "travel linen", a synthetic material that aims to replicate all the good bits of the original, while ironing out some of the other not-so-good bits.IML activities this year included Stok Kangri in February and next year will include Mt Toubkal in February, Kilimanjaro in September and Everest Base Camp in November.Specialist trips over the past few years have included taking a blind/visually impaired group to Everest Base Camp and a corporate trek in Ladakh for two disabled trekkers.Just to be on the safe side, though, I wear a T-shirt next morning, on a hilltop walk in the high seventies.Ideally, you don't want two layers in a foreign hotspot, but then again you don't want open wounds.


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