Rivers Of Bangladesh Essay

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On Bangladesh's river islands, villagers contend with treacherous flash flooding, yet depend on water for jute farming, commerce, transportation, and recreation. Whatever you call it, monsoons combined with snow and glacier melt upstream bring stunning amounts of water and silt through Bangladesh.

This causes rivers to become shallower and wider, triggering extensive riverbank erosion, washing away entire islands (called "chars"), while creating new ones overnight.

Indeed, paddy rice, fish, and jute, all of which are integral to Bangladesh, depend heavily on the system of rivers.

Water transport is also an important sector in the Bangladesh economy.

The flow of the Padma is controlled seasonally by the Farakka Barrage, located a few miles upstream in West Bengal, India.

A number of major urban centres, including Rajshahi and Pabna, are located along the Padma.

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The river forms a busy waterway and is a rich source of fish.

Schoolgirls on Bazra Diar Khota are not camera-shy (well, most of them aren't).


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