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The urbanization my be catalyzed by Informal wages, food handouts from first world countries, development needs, modernization, poverty or social class status, but the gigantic concentrations of poverty in urban slums are economically and logically unsustainable.The decoupling of urbanization from industrialization is posing some reality.In some countries that experience negative GDP growth, the urban populace is still high due to the IMF’s enforcement policies to support deregulation of the agricultural sectors, by accelerated provision of surpluses, thus the exodus of rural labour force.

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According to Davis (2006), the increase of the slums is fully unnoticed by the classic Marxism and other liberation theories such as neo-liberal.

The writer presents the global overview of the divers political, religious and ethnic groups or movements, fighting for personal growth and benefits at the expense of the poor.

Consolidation and mergers of small business to large enterprises and the business competitions for industrial growth are major causes of urbanization even when the economy is weak and countries are heavily indebted.

The IMF, World Bank, WTO and other financial institutions are highly pushing for the structural advancement and growth in the urban centres.

The debts of these countries call for the IMF provisions for restructuring the economies.

Despite the handouts, the urban unemployment statuses continue in the third world countries.The structural adjustment programs funded by the IMF are rather neoliberal due to the constant increase in urban slums and thus the cause of poverty.The funds continue to weaken the efforts of the urban elutes to support growth.The geographically stable political elites fail to look upon and recognize the existence of problems caused by imperial social controls on the slums.What causes the urban populations to out number the rural?The institutions provide the implication that the root cause of the poverty-infested slums has a close connection to governance styles.According to the IMF reports on the increase of slums in urban centres, globalization and inequality are not the causes of the over-populated slums but poor governance.According to Davis (2006), considering all he countries the IMF/World Bank offers financial guarantee or assistance, the economy of the poor country succumbs due to devaluation, elimination of the import modus operandi, privatization related issues, enforcement of cost recovery measures especially in the health or education sectors and, food subsidies.These features are all measures that downsize the public sectors.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614).


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